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The smile is our chosen
field of expertise; our life's work.


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Real Patient. Real Result.

Dentistry by AACD General Member
Jerry Hu, DDS
Laboratory Technician AACD Accredited Member

Karsten Klimmek, MDT, AAACD
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It’s more than a smile.
It’s light, levity, kindness,
and compassion.


Real Patient. Real Result.

Dentistry by AACD Accredited Member
Cecilia Omo, DDS, AAACD

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We don't just recreate
a smile; we recreate

Real Patient. Real Result.

Dentistry by AACD Accredited Member
Sarah Jebreil, DDS, AAACD

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Catch the Wave of Cosmetic Dentistry Education

April 24-27, 2019

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What's Cosmetic
Dentistry to an
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It's more than a pretty smile. 
AACD dentists pledge to practice responsible esthetics & promote overall oral health & function.

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Understanding Patient Treat Financing Options

Understanding Patient Treatment Financing Options

With advances in dentistry driving up the cost of therapy, financing plans can improve outcomes by helping patients access needed care. Download our eLookbook to learn how financing options help dental practices grow and prosper.

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Multi-Disciplined Restoration of the “Esthetic Zone”
 Part 1

Now in the AACD Virtual Campus: Multi-Disciplined Restoration of the “Esthetic Zone” PART 1. John Calamia, DMD discusses two cases from start to finish using his smile evaluation form and dental facial analysis. Throughout the cases, Dr. Calamia explains all phases of treatment including his use of ortho.

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